All of my students are presented with three, equally weighted priorities: developing technical strategies for the resolution of their projects and assignments, developing a consistent and maintainable creative practice, and cultivating a list of goals which their creative practice ought to serve in their life.

"Commit to Sketchbooks" is a workshop I teach through the Jaffe Center for Book Arts which places it's emphasis on teaching students how to make space for their creative practice in their lives. The class utilizes group discussions and timed, silent work periods to develop complex answers to questions about each student's artistic practice and priorities. There are no prerequisite skills for the course, which has resulted in a very diverse conversation. Students range in experience levels from first-time art makers to university-level art educators, which has proven extremely effective in keeping CV's (job titles, show history, etc.) from being used to evaluate success in a student's practice.

Individual lessons tend to approach the student's ideas through the techniques they're interested in learning. Students desiring guidance with specific projects and techniques, or preferring to focus on their individual goals often benefit from the opportunity to guide their own lesson plans. These students are most frequently interested in learning about bookbinding, collage, drawing, and painting. Individual lessons also provide students with the opportunity to build upon previous lessons and create consistent work, without conflict from an institutional schedule.

My artistic practice often shares a voice and a set of goals with my teaching practice. I am ultimately focused on presenting both my students and my audiences with an awareness of the role that artmaking plays in interpreting our experiences, and which interpretation plays in attributing meaning to those experiences. Artmaking provides not only a way to pursue meaningful experiences, but also to redefine meaning and then find it amidst the ordinary.

For full workshop descriptions, and a list of upcoming workshops, refer to my calendar.